Precisely Built Split Bolt Connectors to Fit Industrial Requirements!

Our Standard range of Split Bolt Connectors including Copper Split Bolt Connectors, Aluminium Split Bolt Connectors, Split Bolt Wire Connectors, Bronze Split Bolt Connectors, Stud Split Bolt Connectors and many more have excellent reputation in the Market and Global Industry. The Precisely manufactured range of Split Bolt Connectors is available with better fatigue resistance and superior strength for a popular choice. Split Bolt Connectors are the basic requirement to build and expand your Industry to grow for all your connection and installation requirements. The standard range of Split Bolt Connectors is available with reliable competent and nurturing excellence for any industrial requirement around the World!

Line Taps – Quality Over Quantity

We have followed “Quality Over Quantity” concept in the manufacturing and exporting of Line Taps and Split Bolt Connectors since many past years. Manufacturing a single high quality line taps product is quiet time consuming, so we have established latest manufacturing equipment and industrial machineries for mass production or bulk production of line taps and split bolt connectors. Hence, we can deliver superior quality line taps in fast, cost effective and timely manner. We offer customized solution with various surface finish and coating which are catering to our client’s requirement.

Split Bolt Connectors

Across the Global Industry, mainly at European Level We are considering as a Specialized Manufacturer and Exporter of different types of split bolt connectors listed below. We are widely known as the One Stop Source for manufacturing and exporting wide variety of split bolt connectors from different alloy range, standards, coating, characteristics and configuration required by customers. Wide Assortment of Split Bolt Connectors are widely used in Automotive, Transformer, Motors, Marine, Mechanical, Telecommunication, Petrochemicals, Electrical and Electronics and many other industries.

The Range of Split Bolt Connectors include:

  • Copper Split Bolt Connectors
  • Aluminium Split Bolt Connectors
  • Split Bolt Wire Connectors
  • Stud Split Bolt Connectors
  • Solderless Split Bolt Connectors
  • Solid Split Bolt Connectors
  • Bronze Split Bolt Connectors
  • Universal Split Bolt Connectors

Custom Line Taps

We put efforts on understanding customer requirements and striving for customer experience for manufacturing and exporting any types of line taps including Aluminium Line Taps, Plain Line Taps, C Crimp Type Line Taps and many more. Whether made of steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, whether with a bare surface or with any finish, we offer line taps for any individual industrial application! We are manufacturing and exporting line taps with samples or drawing specification provided by customers with valid dimensional, chemical or other mechanical requirements. Custom Manufacturing is our Top Priority!

The Range of Custom Line Taps include:

  • Aluminium Line Taps
  • Industrial Line Taps
  • Plain Type Line Taps
  • Screw Line Taps
  • Copper Line Taps
  • Bi-Metal Line Taps
  • Tinned Line Taps

Standard Fasteners

With wide range of materials and grades, high strength of alloys, plating and coating which are tested to meet SAE, ASTM, ASME, ISO and many other industrial standards, we manufacture and export standard fasteners based on custom requiring application. With leading manufacturing facility; we can also provide non-standard fasteners with your bespoke requirements.

The Range of Standard Fasteners include:

  • DIN – German Standard Fasteners
  • GOST – Russian Standard Fasteners
  • IS – Indian Standard Fasteners
  • JIS – Japanese Standard Fasteners
  • ASTM – American Standard Fasteners
  • BS – British Standard Fasteners
  • ISO – International Standard Fasteners