Line Taps


Line Taps

Line Taps are available in high quality and standard range. The wide range of Line Taps including Screw Line Taps, Brass Line Taps, Copper Line Taps, Plain Line Taps, Multiple Line Tap Connectors, In-line Taps, Split Bolt Connectors, C Type Crimp Line Taps, Industrial Line Taps and more. The standard range of Line Taps include American Standard Line Taps, Australian Standard Line Taps, European Standard Line Taps, Middle East Standard Line taps and many other International standard line taps. Line Taps are available as per custom specification and requirements for varied industrial applications. Line Taps are manufactured from surface hardening, thread forming, turning, rolling, slotting, tapping, coating, finishing, automated inspection and more. Line Taps are available with special type of protective coating and finishing for reliable and durable performance, aesthetic appealing and longer service life. General Coating and Plating range include nickle plated brass, zinc, chrome, galvanizing, electro tin plating and more.

The Following Range of Line Taps provided as per our availability and custom specification:

Aluminium Line Taps

Brass Line Taps

Plain Line Taps

Screw Line Taps

Screw Line Taps

Copper Line Taps

Bi-Metal Line Taps

Tinned Line Taps

V Type Line Taps

Heavy Duty Line Taps

Material Grade or Class:
  • Brass: C360, C464, C485, B36, B36M-13
  • Ferritic Steel: B5, B6, B6X, B7, B7M, B16, L7 L7M, L43, B23, B24
  • Stainless Steel: 200 Series, 300 Series and 400 Series
  • Austenitic Steel Class 1, 1A, 2: B8, B8A, B8M, B8MA, B8T, B8TA
  • Nickel Alloys: UNS N08811, UNS N08825
  • Carbon, Low Alloys, Boron Steel: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 8S, 10S
  • Standards for Dimensions and Threads: ANSI, ASME, ISO, IS, DIN, BS
  • Any Special Material Composition available as per custom specification.
Types of Threads / Standards:
  • ASTM/ASME: A/SA-193, 320, 540, 325, 354, 307, B-637, SB-564, B36
  • ISO: ISO 4014, ISO 4016, ISO 4017, ISO 4018, ISO 8676, ISO 8765
  • IS: IS 1367, IS 3757
  • DIN: German Standard Line Taps available as custom specified.
  • BS: BS 970, BS 1086
  • GOST: Russian Standard Line Taps available as custom specified.
Special Features:
  • High Performance Line taps for extreme environmental conditions.
  • Avoid shutdowns or service interruptions.
  • Provide an additional engineering and support.
  • Provide high conductivity and electrical transmission.
  • Threads are formed by rolling process providing the extra clamping force.
  • Available for all types of pipe materials, diameters, pressures or temperatures.
  • Custom Specified Line Taps and Split Bolt Connectors available.
  • UL listed, CSA Approved and RoHS Compliant.
Key Applications:
  • Used either in tension or clamped onto the cable lines.
  • Ensure electrically tight connections on galvanized wires.
  • Widely useful for adjusting flow rates and isolating parts of any irrigation system.
  • Provide a safe, reliable and effective connection.
  • For Low, Medium and high pressure piping system as well as vacuum piping.
  • Ideal for tapping or joining conductors and conducting wires.
  • Used either in tension or clamped onto the line for a wide array of cable riser and crossover applications.

We manufacture any type of Line Taps as per custom specification and Export in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden and Other European Countries. Inquire Now or Contact Us for more information.