Steel Rivets


Steel Rivets

Steel Rivets are available in a high quality and standard range. The wide assortment of Steel Rivets including Solid Steel Rivets, Tubular Rivets, Blind Rivets, Button Head Rivets, Stainless Steel Rivets, Semi Tubular Rivets, Metal Rivets, Aluminium Rivets, Bifurcated Rivets, Copper Rivets and more. The standard range of Steel Rivets are available as per custom specification and requirements for varied industrial applications. DIN Rivets are manufactured from surface hardening, thread rolling, thread forming, turning, drilling, slotting, tapping, coating or finishing, automated inspection and more. Steel Rivets are available with special type of protective coating or finishing for reliable and durable performance, aesthetic appealing and longer service life. General coating and plating range include nickle plated brass, zinc, chrome, galvanizing, electro tin plating and more.

The following are the features and specifications of

Steel Rivets

DIN 660

DIN 661

DIN 662

DIN 674

DIN 7331

DIN 7337

DIN 7338

DIN 7339

DIN 7340

Steel Rivets Material Grade or Class:

  • Brass: C360, C464, C485, B36, B36M-13
  • Ferritic Steel: B5, B6, B6X, B7, B7M, B16, L7 L7M, L43, B23, B24
  • Stainless Steel: 200 Series, 300 Series and 400 Series
  • Austenitic Steel Class 1, 1A, 2: B8, B8A, B8M, B8MA, B8T, B8TA
  • Nickel Alloys: UNS N08811, UNS N08825
  • Carbon, Low Alloys, Boron Steel: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 8S, 10S
  • Standards for Dimensions and Threads: ANSI, ASME, ISO, IS, DIN, BS
  • Any Special Material Composition available as per custom specification.

Steel Rivets Types of Threads/ Standards Available:

  • ASTM/ASME: A/SA-193, 320, 540, 325, 354, 307, B-637, SB-564, B36
  • ISO: ISO 4014, ISO 4016, ISO 4017, ISO 4018, ISO 8676, ISO 8765
  • IS: IS 1367, IS 3757
  • DIN: DIN 660, DIN 661, DIN 662, DIN 674, DIN 7331, DIN 7337, DIN 7338, DIN 7340, DIN 7341
  • BS: BS 970, BS 1086

Steel Rivets Special Features:

  • The material of Rivets is depending on its application.
  • Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance and Vibration Resistance.
  • Compatible with materials to be jointed to resist galvanic corrosion for reduction of joint strength.
  • Steel Rivets are available in recommended hole size, an oversize hole will reduce shear and tensile strengths.
  • Provide greater bearing surface for fastening soft and brittle facing materials.
  • Available in various material, size, types and specification.

Steel Rivets Key Applications:

  • Widely used for more light duty applications and aesthetic purpose.
  • Solid Rivets are ideal for used in applications where reliability and safety matters.
  • Used in Construction that will need to bear the weight.
  • Also used in large structural work area where high strength is required.
  • Used in the application where equal or exceed the joint strength requirements.
  • Ideal for roofing, marine, electrical or any electronics application.

We manufacture any type of Steel Rivets as per custom specification and Export in Germany, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Other European Countries. Inquire Now or Contact Us for more information.