DIN 923


DIN 923

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of superior quality DIN 923 screw that are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and high strength brass materials. Installation of DIN 923 available with a flat head & a straight slot that is carried out by standard flat screwdrivers or by power tools. DIN 923 Flat head screws are externally threaded fasteners designed to be mated with threaded nuts or tapped holes in the parts. The head has a flat shape & sufficient area to ensure a strong clamping of the screw. DIN 923 Flat head screws also available with a cylindrical head with a straight slot. DIN 923 is widely used for used in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation & some industrial and manufacturing industries.

We can provide standard as well as customize the range of DIN 923 Screws in terms of size, thread, material, shape, and finish/coating as per custom requirements and our availability.

The following are the features and specifications of

DIN 923

DIN 923
DIN 923 Screws
  • b – length of the thread (at least)
  • d – the nominal diameter of the thread
  • k – head height
  • n – groove width
  • dk – head diameter
  • L – length of bolt
  • u – thread run

DIN 923 Material Grade or Class:

  • Brass: C360, C464, C485, B36, B36M-13
  • Ferritic Steel: B5, B6, B6X, B7, B7M, B16, L7 L7M, L43, B23, B24
  • Stainless Steel: 200 Series, 300 Series and 400 Series
  • Austenitic Steel Class 1, 1A, 2: B8, B8A, B8M, B8MA, B8T, B8TA
  • Nickel Alloys: UNS N08811, UNS N08825
  • Carbon, Low Alloys, Boron Steel: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 8S, 10S
  • Standards for Dimensions and Threads: ANSI, ASME, ISO, IS, DIN, BS
  • Any Special Material Composition available as per custom specification.

DIN 923 Threads/ Standards:

  • PN 61241
  • DIN: 923

DIN 923 Special Features:

  • DIN 923 provides Longer life and robust construction.
  • Rust resistance & heat resistance.
  • Easy to Use and Install.
  • Provide Accurate dimension and High Tensile Strength.
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant.

DIN 923 Application:

  • DIN 923 screws are commonly used in machine parts, die fixturing & clamping.
  • Used in some simple carpentry & applications where little torque is required.
  • Used for various installation & fixing purposes.

We manufacture any type of DIN 923 as per custom specification and Export in Germany, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Other European Countries. Inquire Now or Contact Us for more information.